Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wii Love It

The Christmas before Jake and I got married (2009), I got a Wii from my family. I'm not a real big "gamer", but we have enjoyed having it around. Especially right now when neither of us are taking classes and have a lot of time to hang out and do stuff like that together. So here are some of our (or my) favorite games! They aren't in any particular order.

Game #1

The game that first got me into the whole video game deal. It does have a two player mode, and it is uniquely suited to fit our situation perfectly! Player 1 (Jake) controls Mario. So he has to do all of the running/jumping/attacking/etc. Player 2 (me) doesn't have a character. Just a little star on the screen. I wave that little star around to gather up "Star Bits". I can then fire these star bits at enemies, freeze enemies to help Jake attack them, and do small "non critical" things like that. Its hard for me to really screw anything up this way. So it helped me build some confidence and some basic gaming skills.

Aside from that, it's a pretty cool game. Mario gets to turn into a bee, a boo, a giant spring, all sorts of things. And each galaxy he travels to is different so they have a HUGE variety of things. I'd highly recommend it!

We finished this game a while ago, but we have an exciting new thing that is currently on its way being shipped to us.....

The sequel! Super Mario Galaxy 2!!! I'm really excited about it! We are expecting it to arrive at the beginning of next week.

Game #2

First of all, you must understand that I LOOOOOOOVE Indiana Jones. As in, I love it so much that not only do I have the original trilogy memorized, but I dressed up as Indiana Jones and went to the midnight premiere when the 4th movie opened.

So, imagine my excitement when my family sent us this for Easter:

YAY!! I was worried originally about how I would like the game due to my lack of gaming skills. But I have loved it!!

You actually play through the events of the first three movies! My video gaming skills have improved tremendously. And Jake says that I make up for any shortcomings with my knowledge of the plot and "what should happen next".

We have finished playing the "story" section of the game. So now we are working on what they call "free play". This means that we can go back through each section using whatever characters from the trilogy that we want, to use their special abilities and open up secret treasure chests, etc.

My favorite character to be during the free play is Marion - from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Aside from being my favorite "Indy Girl" of the movies, she can jump higher and farther than Indy's character and after we unlocked an ability called "Super Slap", she can kill enemies with a single punch!

Game #3

As some of you may have noticed, the Hollywood Video stores have been going out of business. We took advantage of this to pick up some cheap movies (some were really good, some AWFUL). Jake also picked up several video games. One of them was...

Basically in this game you play a surgeon. And you get to do operations! And its actually sort of realistic. Also, fairly accurate.

You get to actually "pinch" and remove things using your "forceps" (the A and B buttons, if anyone is familiar with Wii controls).

You get to stitch up and dress wounds and incisions. It's fun stuff!

I'll probably wind up playing a lot less when school starts again in the fall. But for now, I am sure enjoying it!

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