Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jake's New Lab Assistant!!

Jake's Analytical Chemistry class is working on Independent Projects as their last big deal of the semester. Many of the students are working in small groups, but Jake decided to take it solo.


Jake was running out of time to get everything done that he wanted to. So, he got permission from his professor for me to come in and be his assistant for the day!!

It was fun to get to see him at work doing his thing!

I messed up a few times. And spilled the solid I was supposed to be isolating through vacuum filtration... But despite all that, Jake said I was helpful. Hopefully he meant it and wasn't just saying that because I make the dinners! haha.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ward Christmas Party

Our ward Christmas party was tonight. And they had a special guest at the end of the evening...


Played by none other than my favorite husband! ;-)

Surprisingly, MOST of the kids wanted NOTHING to do with Santa. Although their parents all wanted pictures. This lent itself to some pretty funny photos! Here are some of the more memorable:

I think we will definitely work on teaching our kids about how Santa is OK. See if that makes a difference... haha.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Countdown...

There are...

22 Days until Christmas.
14 Days until we're on our way to Nebraska.
13 days until I'm done with finals and my first semester of Nursing School.

In that time, I still have...

1 day of Clinicals.
1 more care plan to write.
1 Nursing Skills Lab.
1 Day of Class.
1 Nursing Test.
1 Nursing Final.
Christmas Shopping to do.

... and work. I'm not sure exactly how many days, because they're low on patients and cutting hours.

Time for the endurance sprint to finish line!