Friday, January 2, 2015

Two Years?

It has been TWO YEARS since I posted. Yikes! Lots has happened. I'll never fill you in on all of the in between. So here is where we are now:

Tim is three and a half, looking forward to his fourth birthday. He attends preschool two days a week and LOVES it. Sunday will be his first week as a Sunbeam out of Nursery.

We also have an AJ. He will be two in April, but thinks he is just as big as Tim. He is OBSESSED with anything to do with cars, busses, trains, planes, etc. Especially the Disney Cars movies, Lightning McQueen, and Francesco Bernoulli. 

My parents bought a new house about three miles away from their old house in Bellevue, NE. We are renting the house I grew up in. The boys love having Grandma, Grandpa, and Laura close by.

Jake is enjoying his new career as a science model! Just kidding. Jake has been working at Teledyne Cetac Technologies in Omaha, NE since March. He is a "customer support chemist". When labs order their equipment, he travels out to their site to install it and train their staff on how to use it. He gets to go see lots of new places. Although they keep seeming to send him to cold places this winter, like Canada, Michigan, and Seattle. He does get to go to Texas soon, though!

I have been working for Craig HomeCare since December 2012 when we arrived in Nebraska. I do pediatric private duty home care. Mostly night shifts for children who have tracheostomies and are on ventilators. I have fluctuated between full time and part time depending on our family's needs. Starting this month, I will actually be dropping to "on-call" and working just a few shifts each month in an effort to keep up on homework, housework, etc with Jake traveling so much. (OH yeah, I'm also in BYU-Idaho's online RN-BSN program).
Church is also keeping me busy. I am the Beehive Advisor, so I teach the 12 and 13 girls most Sundays. I was also just asked to come to Girl's Camp this summer as a Level Leader. I'm super excited about that. :-)

That's the quick and dirty version. Now, in no particular order, here are a bunch of pictures from the last 5 months or so.

We'll see if I can manage to make this a semi-regular thing. 
Another way to catch up on us a bit would be to check out the Family Home Evening blog I started as a project for a school class here:

Friday, January 25, 2013

We're in Nebraska!

About a month ago, we left Utah and made it to Nebraska. 

Tim and I were both sick for a few weeks leading up to the move. This was bad. It meant that we were WAY behind on packing, Jake had to do most of it, and we were at our apartment until 6 AM the day we were supposed to be out trying to finish. And we didn't clean any of it... just vacuumed...

Halfway across Wyoming, Tim's sickness got worse. He all of a sudden started spiking a temp of 102+ and sleeping 19-20h. Poor buddy. We had planned on stopping in Loveland, CO to visit Tim's great grandma and grampa. Since it would only add about an hour and a half of driving time and we have no idea when we'd make it back, we swung on down from Cheyenne to stop by for a 30-40 minute visit.

We got into Bellevue around 0200 that night with a sick, miserable little bear. The next morning as soon as they were open, we headed off to the Urgent Care. 

His cold had turned into Bacterial Bronchitis!

It did mean lots of snuggle time - especially for Mama (who wound up going to Urgent Care a few days later because her cold had turned into a sinus infection). Occasionally, he found his Dada to be an acceptable substitution. Especially if there was a phone used as bribery so that he could watch Pocoyo. 

Thankfully, Tim started perking up just in time for Christmas. Here we are listening to Bapa (Grandpa) read the Christmas Story. Tim was still running a fever, thus the lack of pants.

Something must have been funny!

Grammy got a Tim friendly Nativity set that he LOVED to play with!

This is what Santa brought Tim for Christmas morning:

The tree, presents, and cats:

Tim was appropriately excited and went right to work...

By taking apart the barn, of course!

Tim quickly got the hang of opening presents (good practice for his birthday next month). I even let him open this big one, even though it was for me.

Tim has had a blast playing with the "Meow"s. He won't go to bed at night now unless he gets to give at least one of them a hug.

Aunt "NoNo" (Laura) got Tim a little wooden cooking set of some pots and spoons.

He likes to make juice. :-)

These are random.... Jake was moving some things around from drawers and Rat Cat hopped on up to investigate!

Tim LOOOOOOVES bathtime. In fact, the only thing better than bathtime is bathtime with "Mommy" (Grammy). 

In the evenings when we ask him if he'd like to take a bath, he gets very excited and runs to find his grandma shouting "MOMMY! MOMMY! BATH! BATH, MOMMY! BUP! BUP, BATH! MOMMY!" (Bup = up. The bathtub is UPstairs).

One night he even convinced Grammy to paint his toenails!

There is more catching up to do. But this will have to suffice for now! :-)