Saturday, April 30, 2011


On Thursday, we had BEAUTIFUL weather. Tim and I went down to BYU to meet Jake when he got off of work. We brought leftovers and had a tasty picnic!

Tim's Faces

 That Tim makes some cute faces. 

I sure do love him!

Easter 2011 (Also known as Tim's First Easter!)

 Last weekend was Tim's first Easter!!

I wanted to take him to see the Easter Bunny. But the only Easter Bunny we could find in Provo was a lame not exactly "Easter" bunny at the Build-A-Bear. So this was the best we could do:

Tim was asleep, so I don't think he cared too much. 

The Easter Bunny brought Tim this turtle. It is a stuffed animal/pillow that is stuffed with a blanket you can unfold! And it is super soft. And I think Tim likes it!

Grammy sent Tim a little suit for Easter. 

He doesn't much appreciate dressing up though. We will have to train him to tolerate it before the wedding next month.

We changed him into this outfit. We figured the chick was "Easter-y".

Easter dinner!! Roast asparagus, citrus glazed salmon, sweet rolls, raspberry Jell-O with fresh raspberries and whipped cream, Martinelli's, and cheesecake for dessert!


Tim had his two month appointment on Thursday!

He is 24.3 inches long (86th percentile) and weighs 10 pounds 13 ounces (21st percentile)! Basically, he's a long skinny dude. Although they are starting to worry about that. Because on the chart of his weight adjusted for his height... he's below the first percentile! So... we're supposed to work on that.

He can smile now, and I LOVE his smiles. He can't quite laugh, but you can tell he's working on it. 

He LOVES kicking! He will sit in his little bouncy chair and kick kick kick! He's also working on sitting up.

When he turns 3 months, we'll be in Minnesota. Fun times ahead!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Tim's First Sunday at Church!

Last Sunday (April 10th), Tim got to go to church for the first time!!

And get all dressed up!

He wasn't very excited about the tie... We wound up taking it off before we went to church.

He was SUPER good. He was quiet and slept all through church! We took advantage of his drowsiness, put the tie back on and snapped some more photos when we got home.

What a cutie pants!!

Also, Tim was recently featured on his babysitter's blog which can be viewed HERE!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beautiful Weather

We have had beautiful weather here! It was 70 degrees on Tuesday (when I don't have any classes). So, Tim and I decided to walk down to BYU campus and play outside while we waited for Jake to finish for the day. Tim had a blast!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

First Family Outing

Last night, we went on our first family outing!

We've had BEAUTIFUL weather the last few days. When Jake got back home from taking a test, we decided to walk down to the BYU Creamery for dinner.

Tim rode along in the Baby Bjorn.

Their guacamole bacon burgers are SUPER yummy!

Tim stayed snugged in quite contentedly the whole time!

I would classify this as a success!

Also, this is the first picture of the three of us all together... We need a better family shot sometime...

Tim's First Smile

Tim has recently started smiling. A few nights ago, we caught it on camera!

Here are some other gems from the same night:

One Month!

On March 20th, Tim was officially one month old!!

At his last pediatrician appointment, he was 23 inches long and weighed 8 lb 13 oz.

Forgot this one...

I forgot this one in the big montage of the next post, but it would've been IMPOSSIBLE to get it in order. This is from Tim's first appointment at the pediatrician when he was 3 days old.

Photo Highlights of Tim's First Month