Monday, June 21, 2010

Memorial Day Camping Trip

On Memorial Day (yes... I realize its been a while and I'm behind on the bloggin'), Jake and I went camping in Rock Canyon.

We found the perfect spot for our campsite - close enough that we don't have to haul stuff very far, but far enough away from the high traffic areas so we wouldn't be bothered.

While Jake set things up (he looks adorable sitting there by the tent)... I got acquainted with some of the critters we'd share the campsite with.

We saw several hummingbirds, but this is the best picture I got of one. He's the dark smudge in the very center of the picture among the purple flowers. You can probably see him better if you click on the picture to bring up the full version.

And there was some sort of blue bird.

And some little lizards that ran around the rocks!! They were my favorite! This guy's head is sticking out between the two rocks.

Jake gathered firewood so we could cook up some vittles.

We were originally planning on making tin foil dinners. But during our trip to WalMart, We/I changed our/my mind(s).

So instead, we roasted hot dogs and Italian sausages!

AND we ate cherries!!! YUMMY!!!

Of course, what camping trip is complete without s'mores for dessert? I look so happy and excited about my chocolate marshmallowy goodness!

We were awakened at 6:30 AM or so... by the sun and the silly birds and loud mating calls. Boo.

But what a beautiful view out of our tent!

We had a grand time and are looking forward to camping a few more times throughout the summer.