Monday, May 17, 2010


One year ago.... things were crazy!!! Busy, stressful, the whole deal!

But it culminated in this happy day:

Our REAL anniversary is on May 16th. However, this year the 16th fell on a Sunday. So We did most of our celebrating on Saturday the 15th.

I am quite proud of my thriftiness and how I used it to plan a cheap yet awesome anniversary! I had a coupon for two tickets to a performance by the Utah Symphony or Utah Opera for $20.

So, I introduced Jake to the opera!

Utah Opera was performing two one acts by Puccini - Suor Angelica (a tragedy) and Gianni Schicchi (a comedy). So we got to get all dressed up and head to the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake.

I LOVED the opera! Jake wasn't as big a fan of the tragedy, but really enjoyed the comedy.

Oh, and it was the opening night of the show. And the tickets for where we sat were $43 a piece. We got ours for $10 each!!! What a steal!

We got some nice people to take a picture of us with the set after the show.

After the show, we headed over to The Cheesecake Factory for a late night supper. We had the funnest waiter ever! He was bald, and also the bartender. And he agreed to take our picture! The lighting wasn't the best... so this is the best that we got. But oh well!

We put our $50 gift card to good use. The portion sizes were ENORMOUS! So we brought home leftovers and a few slices of cheesecake.

As we pulled into the apartment after our night out, we noticed that Sasha's odometer had just reached exactly 150,000 miles! So, we decided to document this moment!

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