Monday, May 24, 2010

A Snow Day... IN MAY?!?!?

Before you read this, I would encourage you to re-read the date above this post. That's right... it says "May 24"... As in the END of May... When we should have sunshine and heat and swimming pools.

I awoke this morning to a loud cracking sound. When I came out to the living room I saw this:

Jake had moved our balcony garden INSIDE. For a second, I wondered why. Then I glanced out the window and the reason was immediately apparent.

It has been snowing ALL MORNING!

I found the source of the loud crack that woke me up... An enormous branch falling from the tree outside our window... onto a car.

Evidently this is enough of a problem that the University has sent out emails warning residents!

But... there are some enjoyable things about this morning...

A hummingbird sought refuge on our porch!! I didn't get my own picture of him, I borrowed this one from the interwebs. But we happily got to watch him for several minutes.

AND we made yummy cinnamon rolls!

I forsee that this day will be filled with cross-stitching, video games, tv, and lounging. Perhaps not so bad after all.

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