Friday, May 14, 2010

Anniversary Weekend Kick-Off

This weekend (Sunday, to be exact) is our first anniversary! We have exciting things planned for Saturday and Sunday. Since we both had the day off today, we decided to kick things off with a spur of the moment hike in Rock Canyon!

It was a beautiful day! Around 60 F, a little cloudy, a light breeze... PERFECT!

We found this little cave like area. I wanted a picture in it, so Jake told me to pose!


While I wanted to pose in the cave, Jake was more interested in climbing up the rocks above it.

There is tiny Jake WAY on the top of the rocks! The climb took him a while, so I occupied myself by checking out the rocks themselves. My dad would have been proud!

It was a lot of fun walking along with Jake and enjoying the day. We're hoping to try to do some more walking/hiking this summer... maybe even throw in some camping! Not until after our awesome anniversary weekend though!

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