Thursday, April 1, 2010

Festival of Colors

Last weekend, Jake and I went down to Spanish Fork for the Festival of Colors at the Krishna Temple. Last year was our first year going and we had a blast! We rode the bus down for an afternoon of fun and excitement! And the weather was great!

The festival is about spreading love and cleansing the air of evil spirits for the year. They burn a straw effigy of a witch goddess and then everyone throws colored powder into the air/at each other which is supposed to chase away demons. It makes for some pretty good pictures!

I brought some isolation masks from works so that we'd still be able to breathe as the air clouded up with the chalk.

While we waited for the throwing of the colors, we visited the llamas that they raise on the temple grounds. This one had already gotten some color!

Here's the two of us after we were covered in powder!! Remember, that both of our shirts are actually black! That's how much we have on us!

This is maybe one of my favorite pictures of Jake from the day! He looks like the villain out of some post-apocalyptic horror movie!

The mass exodus of people leaving the temple after the festival was over. We were in that crowd too. Parking gets backed up along the road for miles. So we hiked several miles (at least it seemed like several miles... I'm not sure how far it actually was), into Spanish Fork. A restaurant - Lon's Barbeque - was having a special for people returning from the festival. They were right across the street from the bus stop, so we decided to have dinner while we waited to return to Provo.

We tried FRIED CAULIFLOWER! I was really skeptical about it, but Jake wanted to try it so we did. It was DELICIOUS!!!

The two of us after dinner, ready to go home and get cleaned up.

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