Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Acquisitions!

We are beginning to experience the wonderful sales that happen at the end of the school year as people move out of Wymount and can't/don't want to take everything with them!

Thanks to these opportunities we have added two new pieces of furniture to our apartment!!

The first is an old yellow rocking chair.

Which Jake was manly enough to carry home. I helped... by carrying the seat cushion!

Here is the new chair at home in our apartment. We are still working on exactly where we want to put it in the apartment. We have a few ideas... but we might just move it back and forth depending on where we want to have it at that time.

Personally, I'm planning on setting it out on the balcony some mornings this summer to read/work on cross stitch/etc. How fun!

Here is the before picture of Jake's "Desk" space....

He has been using our card table.

NOW!! The after picture!!

A cute, little, REAL desk! With shelves for books, the printer, and office supplies! And I don't have to worry about the weight of the massive monitor warping our nice card table!

AND it even matches the rest of our living room stuff well.

All in all...$40 well spent.

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