Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nursing Application

This is my application for the Nursing Program. I picked it up in February, but have decided not to do too much with it until I was back from Nebraska.

Now I'm back.

So today I started working on it for real.

Today, I signed up for a CPR class. I already have the American Red Cross CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers certification. But... they require the American Heart Association's Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers certification. So I have to redo it... Hopefully it'll be easier since it'll be the third CPR class I've taken in just over two years.

I also ordered a copy of my ACT scores. (If I submit verification of an ACT score over 21, then I don't have to take a college placement test... Since my score was over 21 I'm going with that route). If you aren't still in High School, it's kind of a lame deal to get your test scores. I have to pay $17 just for them to LOOK for my scores in the archives! With no guarantee that they will find them! That is in addition to the fee for them to send them! How silly!

Tomorrow, I need to send my Utah CNA license back to the licensing people... I need it corrected... Right now it says "Mary A. Herrington"... but last time I checked my middle name wasn't "Alizabeth"... I figure maybe I should make sure it matches the name on my application when I submit it.

I still have to round up some verification of paying my application fee, High School Diploma, etc. and sign up for my essay and the standardized entrance exam I have to take. But great progress is being made!

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