Monday, March 15, 2010

Norabel's Wedding

I flew out to Nebraska last Thursday. One of my best friends from growing up - Norabel Martinez - who was the Maid of Honor for my wedding (see below) got married on Saturday!!

My camera hasn't been quite the same after it took its trip down the Provo River last summer... so despite having JUST replaced its batteries, it decided to die on me. Consequently, these were the best and only pictures I wound up with.

As I side note, I feel like I was cheated out of this shot at my own wedding. Everyone I know who has been married at the Winter Quarters Temple has been able to take the staged "coming out of the temple doors" picture. But the day we tried to do it, one of the temple ladies got all mad and kept saying that we weren't allowed to take the picture and that no one was ever allowed to take that picture.... despite the fact that *evidently* I still haven't let go of that, I am glad that Norabel got the picture.

After attending the sealing in the morning, we got to go to the reception that evening. It was great, good food, good music, the whole deal. (I was particularly impressed by the DJ's decision to play Single Ladies during the bouquet throw! Win.)

They also had the neatest mementos on the tables at the reception! Bookmarks with the basic theme of "Love Grows", and a part of the design was a detachable segment with seeds in the paper. So you're supposed to rip it up, plant/water it, and then you get a lovely plant that will grow like their love!! Awesome. Perhaps I shouldn't admit this on the internet, but I raided some of the empty tables as we left and took home a couple extra. I thought it was the best wedding idea yet!

Here's the picture of the two of us from her reception. In my defense, I was diagnosed with strep the day before and spent the rest of the night after the reception sick in the bathroom. So I'm not looking my best, but she is beautiful!!

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