Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas in Minnesota

After a sledding trip on Christmas Eve, we spent the ACTUAL Christmas Day (Dec. 25) in Minnesota with Jake's family. Because of the blizzard that hit the midwest the night before, we were unable to fly down to Nebraska until the 26th.

With over 20 people there for Christmas morning, there were WAY too many presents to all fit UNDER the tree... so we settled for them being near the tree.

Waiting for everyone to arrive. (Jake and I wore our footie pajamas)

Butch and Patty got a recordable storybook for each family with kids. As the kids open each page, they hear their grandparent's voices reading them the story. Here, Nathan and Daniel (two of Dave and Jocelyn's sons) are trying it out.

I held Emma (Mike and Karen's daughter) for most of the morning. She was such a good cheery baby through the 2 1/2 hours of present opening!

This is my favorite picture of the morning! Jake and I in our footie pajamas holding two babies in their footie pajamas. I'm holding Mike and Karen's daughter, Emma. Jake is holding Dave and Jocelyn's newest son, Asher.

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