Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve in Minnesota!

Well, we are partway through our travels for the Christmas break! After finishing finals last Friday night, we left our apartment at 8:30 on Saturday morning for the airport! We got off to a rocky start - I left my cell phone on the shuttle to the airport, and Jake tripped getting off the shuttle (while trying not to trip over the small children from the family we shared the shuttle with). But we made it there! We got through security about 3 hours before our fligh left, so we had some breakfast, watched a TV and played a game together on the laptop. We had a layover in Denver, but it was a short one. We basically just played on the computer again. But this time we had some internet access, so we spent a lot of it checking grades (I got a B- in Anatomy!). We arrived safely in Minnesota around dinner time.

Since then, we've been having alot of fun doing things with Jake's family (all five of his siblings and their families are in town for the holidays this year). We had a "party" on Sunday for Mike's birthday. Jake and I got him some of his favorite soda and candy bar, but wrapped them and put them inside a box... which we wrapped and put inside ANOTHER box, etc etc. The kids loved it! They thought it was the funniest thing ever!! Yesterday was spent finishing up some last minute Christmas shopping.

We've had a big snowstorm come through. It started yesterday evening and last I heard we'd gotten about 5-6 inches of snow. It's gorgeous and really helps to set the holiday mood, but we're hoping that it stops by tomorrow, as Jake and I are supposed to fly down to Nebraska around 1 PM.

Here's hoping the airport doesn't close!!

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