Saturday, December 19, 2009

Trip #1 to the Airport, and End of Finals

Thursday evening, we drove up to the Salt Lake Airport to meet Jake's cousin as he flew in from Jerusalem. Josh has spent the semester at BYU's Jerusalem Center, so he has spent the last three and a half months on the other side of the world! We decided that his return merited the car ride! So Jake, Carsey, and I all piled into Sasha to start the journey around 9:15 PM (Josh's flight arrived around 10:30 PM). Bear in mind that it is the middle of December... and Sasha's defroster doesn't work... or at least not unless we drive over a big bump. So the car fogs up effortlessly, requiring that we drive with the window rolled down. This gave Carsey and I NUMEROUS opportunities to snuggle in the backseat while Jake drove!

While we waited in the airport for Josh's flight to arrive, we were vending machine browsing! We found one that served warm meal things! Pizza, buffalo wings, grilled cheese sandwiches, etc. Now... you must understand that I LOVE pizza! And I had just finished a Microbiology final before we left, so I hadn't eaten dinner yet. We weren't expecting Josh to arrive for another 40 minutes, so Jake allowed me to buy a pizza from the amazing machine!

I was so excited to take it out!!

It was the most ADORABLE pizza EVER!!!

I finished my pizza right as we found out that Josh and his parents were at the baggage carousels. We met up with them and then drove to Saratoga Springs and hung out at Jake and Josh's grandparents house. There, we were fed even MORE pizza and stayed until around 2:30 AM chatting and catching up.

After sleeping in today (for me at least, Jake got up to help his home teaching companion and his wife move. But he brought me donuts. So it was good), today was the last day of finals!

Jake and I are both officially done with the semester! We are still waiting on our official final grades. I have a few classes that - as far as I can calculate - are right on the border between letter grades. So crossing my fingers and praying for the higher one! There may be some emails to professors to see if persuasions can be made.

Anyways... We are leaving tomorrow morning at 8:30 for the airport and should arrive in Minnesota by around 6:30 PM! Hooray for Christmas break!!

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