Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Christmas Kickoff FHE

This week our FHE is in preparation for Christmas!! We are finally getting around to sending out the Christmas letters.... unfortunately I accidentally deleted it... So we had to wait a little bit until I rewrote it. But we have almost all of them printed, enveloped, and ready to go! Most of them will mail out tomorrow. So look for yours in the mail! (Or, facebook me your address if you want one and I don't have your address.)

While I was getting the next batch of envelopes ready, Jake made me dinner! Because he's an amazing husband. We had hamburger... err... Turkey Helper. And he dressed it up with some green onions, red peppers, and yummy toppings.

Now, while we are eating we are watching one of my most favorite Christmas movies of all time- The Year Without a Santa Claus. Jake has never seen it and I am all kinds of excited to share it with him!

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