Monday, December 14, 2009

The Start of Finals Week!!

Finals week has begun! It is a time of such contradictions... Caring so much and yet so little... So much stress and also so much relaxation... Late nights, early nights, early mornings, and early nights... Procrastination and Responsibility... No wonder so many people get sick after they finish this week!

Jake and I have such different schedules for our finals this semester!

Jake has four finals to take this week. One of them is available all week through the testing center, and three of them are at specific scheduled times. Unfortunately those scheduled times are all between the hours of 7 AM and 7 PM on Tuesday! So that will DEFINITELY be a stressful day for him. But, he is likely to be done with his finals by Tuesday or Wednesday depending on when he takes his Physics Exam.

At the beginning of finals week, I had already taken 2. (Both my anatomy and microbiology lab classes have already administered their finals). That left me with four finals to take during the official finals week. My Chemistry exam was at 11 AM this morning. So I'm already halfway done! Three down and three to go! My Anatomy and Human Development finals are available all week. And my Microbiology exam is scheduled for Thursday evening. So I plan on spreading my exams out throughout the whole week and dealing with just one at a time.

So... for this finals week... Jake is the sprinter and I'm the marathoner. :-)

The report so far on my Finals?

Anatomy Lab: I did 20% better than on my midterm. AWESOME improvement!
Microbiology Lab: I got a B on the final, which gave me an overall grade of an A for the class!
Chemistry: Was a lot easier than I expected based on her study guide. Waiting on the grade.

Good luck to everyone else who is studying and taking exams these next few weeks! And to those of you who are all grown up and don't have to do this anymore... Congratulations!

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