Friday, December 11, 2009

Reading Day!!

Between the last day of class and finals, BYU gives us what they call "Reading Days". Instead of having a whole dead week - like most universities - we get a Friday off. (They also call Saturday a Reading Day... but I refuse to acknowledge that one. Because in my opinion, Saturday was always my day, and not the university's to give to me).

So anyways... this is how we are spending our reading day. :-) First, we slept in. Right now, we just finished eating green french toast and sausage... while wearing footie pajamas!

Jake enjoyed a break with the Wii while I cooked breakfast!

Here's our green french toast! I was originally going to make it blue for Jake... But blue food coloring + yellow eggs = green. So I just went with it!

Cooking cooking cooking!!

And the grand finale..... *drumroll*..... the last of our sausage links! We each got 3 1/2.

Yesterday was our last day of classes. And was also a good day! It was the one year anniversary of Jake's proposal. And we had lots of good things happen! Jake got a good grade on his last Organic Chemistry Exam and I found out that I'd gotten an A for my final grade in my Microbiology Lab!

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