Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trip to Salt Lake

Jake and I took a trip up to Salt Lake this evening! It had two parts.


So.... I've been working on getting my Phlebotomy Certification for... about a year now. I enrolled in the six week course last January. I finished that at the end of February. I also had to complete a 40 hour externship. The only place around the valley that I could find that accepted externs was the BYU Health Center. Because of this, they were booked solid until September. So, in September through the middle of October, I worked at the health center and had a blast! So I've been DONE with all of my requirements for about 3 months now. We've just been dealing with a ton of drama trying to get my certificate from the Phlebotomy School. They have been trying to feed me some line about how the envelope they use to send them sometimes doesn't get delivered by the Postal Service. Whatever the reasons were that I wasn't receiving it, I got tired of them. And we finally told them that we would just drive up to Salt Lake and pick it up ourselves! And we finally got it!!

So I am now an official Phlebotomist!!


Since the phlebotomy office is only open in the evenings, we obviously had to make an evening trip. Which meant that we were gone during dinner. I happened to find out that there was a Crown Burger restaurant only about 5-6 blocks from the office! And I LOVE Crown Burger! All the yummy pastrami goodness on a burger!

These burgers are so huge and yummy and filling!!

We also tried sweet potato fries for the first time! They were good. But every time I had one, my mouth had this strange transition to go from pastrami burger to sweet potatoes. haha. So... I would definitely eat them again... but maybe in a different meal combination!

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