Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

We got back from Nebraska the evening of December 30th. So we were able to celebrate our first New Year's Eve as a married couple together in our apartment!

We still hadn't been grocery shopping. So rather than cooking, we ordered pizza. Which I was excited about. I LOVE pizza!! Possibly my most favorite food EVER!

We had picked up some sparkling cider before we left after finals. So the "bubbly" was on hand and chilled! I picked up the hats and glasses at Walgreens on my way from work. I worked a twelve hour day shift, which is why I look so tired/out of it.

The stems of the glasses lit up and changed colors. It did fun things with the bubbles, but its hard to capture that in a picture...

We watched a show on Discovery while we ate and then played a new Wii game for a while.

I had to be back at work by 7 AM on the first for another twelve hour shift. So we did our countdown and New Year's kiss at 10 PM instead of midnight. But it was a lot of fun and worked out just about right for us!

We are excited about this upcoming year and all it will bring for us!

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