Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Adventures

As you may know, yesterday was Halloween. We started our festivities on Saturday. Tim and I made a (somewhat brief) appearance at the ward party/Trunk or Treat. 

We only went to about a quarter of the cars involved in the Trunk or Treat before Tim got too distracted by the candy he already had and lost interest.

I don't have too many pictures from that night because it was late. And dark. And it is hard to take good pictures when you can't see what you're pointing the camera at. 

Another couple was taking pictures of their ladybug daughter and Tim invited himself along.

Here's what our ACTUAL Halloween consisted of:

Tim picked this gourd out all by himself at the grocery store a few weeks ago. He gave it rides around in his doll stroller.

Grammy McDonald sent us a box (that arrived just in time for Halloween) with some Halloween shaped mac and cheese! There were pumpkins, ghosts, and.... something else. Maybe witch hats? I probably haven't cleaned up/thrown the boxes away yet, so I should check. It made for a perfect Halloween dinner!

We went to visit Tim's Great Uncle Jim first. We stayed to chat for a while and Tim LOVED helping give candy to the trick or treaters that came while we were there. He probably would have happily done that all night long!

Jim and Kathy live on a circle, so we took Tim trick or treating around the circle (only actually going to about every third house or so). The weather was BEAUTIFUL and he was a champ! Luckily, since he was so cute, people didn't seem to mind if he tried to grab two pieces of candy from the bowl or invite himself into their home. Which was good, there's really no way to "practice" for Trick-or-Treating!

We stopped by my cousin's place afterwards. They go all out for Halloween! Smoke machines, strobe lights,  fake scary gates and fences, her husband and one of his friends/relatives (?) always dress up like some sort of creepy grim reapers and scare the bejeebers out of people who come. Her daughters have babysat Tim and they enjoyed seeing him, while he enjoyed running around with all the other kids.

Summary: Tim rocked trick or treating, stayed up way too late, ate too many sweets, and we all had a great time! I'm excited for next year!  

Our costumes. The cowboy family! I made Tim's pants and Jake's vest. I ran out of time to sew my costume,  so we threw this together before we left. I think they all turned out fairly well!

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