Sunday, July 25, 2010

World's Biggest Water Balloon Fight!!

BYU didn't have classes on Friday ("Pioneer Day" was Saturday, and in Utah it's a state holiday). But they DID have the World's Biggest Water Balloon Fight! So Jake and I went!!

There were almost 4,000 people there (they beat the previous world record by only 25 people!) and over 120,00 water balooons!! And some kid was trying to record a music video in the middle of it!

We got a free lunch and free T-shirts (see above). They used the colors of our shirts to divide people into teams. Jake got a green one, and I got a pink one.

It was crazy! But tons of fun. Jake and I were in the middle of the group instead of on the front battle lines. And we still got soaked! Some of the balloons hurt pretty bad if they didn't pop when they hit you! We thoroughly enjoyed the chance to cool off and spend time with friends we ran into.

(I borrowed the pictures from the Daily Herald. You can read their story about the event here.)

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