Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fireworks Videos

All right... I tried uploading videos... Supposedly it worked? We will see...

This first video is of a firework called the "Magic Crystal"... We fired off two of them - both shot up about twice as tall as Mike and Karen's house... One of them even wound up in the yard of the people behind them! We were not expecting that at all!

These little guys were called "Baby Sunflowers". Jake thought they would be lame, so he only let me buy one box of them. But they were SO FUN!! They would spin and kind of hover about 5-6 feet above the ground and then dart off in different directions. Only problem was that sometimes, they would attack!

Here is a clip of when one of the Baby Sunflowers headed straight for us! There was one (not this one), when I actually had to hit the ground and even then it just barely missed me!!

Nothing like a little excitement to make your fireworks more enjoyable!

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