Monday, July 26, 2010

We're Pregnant!!

Remember, you blog readers are getting this a day early. Facebook and others find out tomorrow. So please don't post anything on facebook until then. :-)

Our big news!! Jake and I are going to have a baby!!

We found out on June 17th. It'd been a while since I'd had a period, so my coworker and friend Cathi sent me off to the Dollar Store to buy a pregnancy test. At around 11:34 that morning, it turned out positive!! Here's that first test:

I decided to rush to K-Mart on my next break to buy some more tests. I simply couldn't believe that this one was correct!

Cathi made us a little document to track all the tests of the day.

We did 6 total!

My favorite (aside from the first, of course) was this fancy digital guy. Nice and clear, not so easy to argue with this one!

Before I left work that day, Cathi and I decided to take a commemorative photo. :-)
The belly rub.

Even though it was only a few days until Father's Day, I knew I wouldn't be able to keep this a secret from Jake for that long!! We were planning on having burritos for dinner that evening. So I got a little creative.

I used food coloring to make baby faces on the burritos and moved their wrappers like baby blankets. I laid out the pregnancy tests from the day and called Jake over to the table for dinner! At first he just looked at the burritos and said "Oh, that's cute.".... then as he started to notice the tests he said "Wait.... are you....?" haha. We had some hugging and laughing time, and then decided to eat our burrito babies while they were still warm and tasty. :-)


Poor baby!

Last Wednesday (July 21st), we had our first appointment with the OB and our first ultrasound!

There's the baby. And this is what we learned:

Baby is 2.49 cm long from crown to rump. That's almost an inch!
Baby's heartbeat was 173 beats per minute! We got to listen to it!
At that point I was officially 9 weeks pregnant, making baby due on February 22nd.

And NOW... baby is officially a fetus! (Instead of an embryo!)
And this week it is about the size of a green olive.

I'll try to post weekly updates on how big baby supposedly is/how baby is developing/etc. But there won't be any more ultrasound pictures until we're at 20 weeks when they will check out baby's "plumbing" and see if it is a pink or a blue.

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