Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Preceptor Assignment

I have a few more tests to take today and a few assignments to finish... Then I will be on to my last semester of nursing school.

Which means I have to complete my Preceptorship (like a capstone, if you are more familiar with that term).

I've been assigned to do night shifts on the Pediatrics unit at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

I'm excited about this.

I always thought that I would never want to work with sick babies or children. Then, when Tim was very sick during his first month with us, we spent the better part of 2 weeks in the hospital. Both at Utah Valley and at Children's Hospital in Omaha. We had some nurses who were less than caring. I remember one in particular. I stayed awake all night long because we didn't feel like we could trust the care she would provide. But we also had some AMAZING nurses who were so kind and comforting and made the whole ordeal bearable.

In any unit on a hospital you interact with the patients' families. But on pediatrics they are really like a second patient. You have to pay attention to their needs as well. I really like that you can help and touch so many more people this way.

It also scares the bajinkies out of me.Those parents can be intimidating, second guessing everything you do because it is THEIR baby who is in danger.  But I was that scared, pushy, grumpy mom. I remember sassing nurses who weren't providing the care I thought Tim needed and asking questions that I'm sure exasperated them.

Despite how scary it is, I know this is where I need to be. When we did our pediatrics rotation last summer, it felt so right to be there that my heart almost burst each day I got to go. 

Also, Jake has applied for some jobs here:

And if we move to Memphis, there is another children's hospital within a mile from Saint Jude's. As well as 2-3 other major hospitals nearby. So spending the semester on the pediatrics unit will be some good experience for me.

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