Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not Above a Little Bribery

 I still have a LOT to get done before the end of the semester:
5 Care Plans
2 Finals
2-4 Mock NCLEX Tests
1 NCLEX-PN examination

(And that is only the school stuff... In the next week I have 5 bells performances, one church choir performance, AND a Sunday School lesson!!)

So at the grocery store last night, I bought three bags of these:

The Dove chocolate "Promises". 

The creamiest, richest, most wonderfully delicious chocolate EVER.

The ones with the cute inspirational sayings in them.

Anyways. I bought three bags. And I'm going to use them to  bribe  motivate myself to be productive. 

For every section of a care plan that I write, I get a piece of chocolate.
For every 20 minutes studying, I get a piece of chocolate.
For every online quiz I take, I get a piece of chocolate.

You see how it goes. 

I'm very excited about this system. I know its not healthy and DEFINITELY won't help me lose any of the baby weight. But.... It's finals week. Which means you do what you've gotta do to make it through!

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