Monday, December 5, 2011

Now it's December

 In case you weren't aware, it is December. My last post was on May 2nd. My goodness! So it's about time this blog got moving again. (Thanks, Devyn for reminding me.) 

There is a lot of updating to do. It may or may not happen. But here's a few new facts about this little guy:

Tim is now about nine and a half months old. How did that happen?

He has two teeth (pictured above). We're not in any big rush for him to sprout more. 

He crawls all over the place, pulls himself to a stand on anything he can reach, and walks around on the furniture.

Still a long, skinny kid. Although his legs are starting to beef up thanks to his constant exploring.

He eats all sorts of food now, and won't be shy about mooching off of your plate.

He has a brown blanket and a turtle that he always sleeps with, and loves to snuggle.

He loves to play peek-a-boo and say "LA LA LA LA LA" while sticking his tongue out as far as he can.

Upside down? Awesome.

We spent Thanksgiving with his Gramma and Grampa Herrington, and in another week and a half or so will be trekking out to see the McGrandparents in Nebraska. They're excited to see him.

Wouldn't you be? 

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