Friday, December 30, 2011

Live from Christmas Break

I was getting better at posting, and now I've been slacking. 

But it is because we are busy enjoying the holiday break with family in the Midwest! Some highlights though:

Tim is walking. On his own. Not for long stretches, but now fairly consistently.

Jake and I both got these for Christmas:

They're fantastic. I love it! And I finally jumped on the bandwagon to read:

OH MY GOSH!! I can't believe that no one insisted I read them sooner! For real, I read straight through all three books in two days. They were fantastic. And now I'm super excited for the movie to come out in March!

And Tim has had a grand time chasing after the cats here in Nebraska. Since I can never get my videos to upload into Blogger, I'm trying a new way - uploading to youtube and embedding it here. Hopefully this works out!

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