Monday, March 2, 2009


So... I didn't used to like needles... at all. Whenever my mom had to go get her allergy shots, I'd hide my face in the little privacy curtain. Up until I was 18, whenever I had to get a shot, etc, they'd have to call in about two extra nurses to hold me down.

Which makes it even more surprising that I just finished a class to get my phlebotomy certification. For those of you slightly less medically minded folk, "phlebotomy" is basically drawing blood.

If you can get over the squeamish thing (I did, although I had a few doubts at the beginning of the class), its actually pretty cool. Everything now is really vacuum activated. They don't really use syringes too much anymore. So its interesting how all the equipment works.

And, I'm evidently quite decent at it! Which is the fun part!! Of all the sticks I've done so far, I have a 100% success rate on hitting the veins. I'm yet to miss! I've had two loved ones allow me to practice on them (Jake twice, and my mom let me do the butterfly on her arm).

I don't know if part of why I enjoy it is because I feel like I may actually be moving closer towards finally getting into Nursing/health care since its actually related? But I like it. And its exciting to me.

So anyways... I'm done with the actual phlebotomy COURSE. In order to get my certification, I have to complete a 40 hour externship. Which means I need to find some clinic/bloodbank/hospital/etc who will let me practice on their patients for free for 40 hours.

The Utah Valley Regional Medical Center (conveniently located a mere block away from my apartment) currently has a part time opening for a phlebotomist. Its an on call position. Not in the doctor kind of on call where you carry a beeper and they make you come in at 2 AM, but just the kind of on call where they'll call you if someone has a sick day or is going on vacation or something like that. So pretty flexible hours. And it starts at $10.65 an hour!!! Which is tremendous!!! I only make like $7.25 right now working at the Cannon Center. So that would be fantastic money for me. (and for us actually since we'll be married and trying to go to college and oh so very poor).

So anyways... Tomorrow morning I'm going to go to the hospital to talk to them. I submitted an application online. But I need to talk to them because technically I'm not officially certified. So I'm going to see if I can get the job, and if yes if I can just do my externship as fast as I can with them. (I figure if I just do 6-7 hours a day, I can finish it in a week). If I can't get the job... I'll still talk to them about the externship. I know at least one other girl from my class is applying for the position. But I'm hoping maybe the fact that I have my CNA (certified nurse assistant) license may give me an edge over her.

But yes. I'm going in tomorrow. I could really use this job. I'm excited about the chance of getting it. So... wish me luck and send a prayer or two out on my behalf in this endeavor! I'll update when I have something to report!


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