Saturday, March 7, 2009

No More Roommates

I got my last new roommate the other day. (I'm not exactly clear on precisely what day she moved in, as I was drugged and unconscious at the time). She sleeps in my bedroom. And her name is Casey A. She just got back from her mission to Chile and she's an Elementary Education major, but doesn't start back to school until April. She's looking for a job and a car. But thats all I know about her. All I know. The end.

But anyways... This morning, as I was straining my pee for more kidney stones (just in case), I was thinking... I will get one more roommate ever. And then thats it. Which will be new to me. Because I never had the same set of roommates for more than one semester. It went like this:

Fall '07: Me, Jordin, Jessica, Heidi
Winter '08: Me, Kara, Heidi, Shantell
Fall '08: Me, Gretchen, Brigette, Heidi
Winter '09: Me, Gretchen, Brigette, Casey
May 16th - Eternity: Jake

Hmmm... Could be an adjustment.

Especially since I will also share a bed with the Jake roommate.

But I'm excited about that part

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