Sunday, March 8, 2009

Followup on Kidneys

Update on the kidney stones (I flatter myself to think people read this/care... heh heh)

So... I came home sometime on Wednesday morning. And spent the next few days passed out drugged on the couch... unaware of the world through some combination of narcotics, nausea, and pain.

Thursday evening during the episode of The Office, I went pee and did the straining my urine deal. ONLY THIS TIME I HIT LE JACKPOT! I got blood and a tiny tiny little kidney stone. Its only 2 mm in diameter. I will put up a picture of it... as soon as I take one... and then as soon as I figure out how to post them... So maybe tomorrow.

But... its tiny. Which makes me feel kinda like a wuss... that something SOOOooo little could cause THAT much pain! Cuz... its tiny. I think I've had bigger things in my eye and been okay. You will see when I picture this.

I go to see the Urology specialist on Monday. And I get to take him my kidney stone and he will do the analysis.

YAY. Then I'll have more info. And more STORIES!

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