Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sunday Fun

Even though we stayed home from church (Tim's sick), we still had an okay weekend.

Tim got this turtle shape sorter for Christmas. There is a base that looks like a turtle, and the shell lifts up so you can retrieve the shapes after they are sorted. He usually takes the shell off and ignore the base entirely. Which is fine.

This weekend he finally figured out how to sort the toys! Or... at least one of them.

He can get the red circle in there. He tries to put all of the other shapes through the red circle spot, too...

Jake tried to show him how it's done.

Sunday evening, Jake's cousin Josh and his new wife Leah came over for dinner due to a rather convoluted set of circumstances.

The morning of their wedding, Josh realized that he didn't have a black belt with him. So I made Jake give his to Josh. 

(That was a fun conversation. It went about like this: ME - Give him your belt. JAKE: But I like it, and then I won't have a belt. ME: Doesn't matter. He's the groom. Give him your belt. JAKE: But it's my good one. ME: All the more reason. Give him your belt. JAKE: But- ME: Give him your belt. JAKE: Fine....) 

Anyways... We forgot to get it back from them. So they still had it. Then Jake's grandparents sent Josh and Leah's wedding present to Mike and Karen's house. We were there last week, so we brought that back to Provo. The dinner was for the purposes of returning these goods to their rightful owners.

(Jake IMMEDIATELY put the belt on as soon as Josh walked in the door and handed it to him. haha. He had purposefully not worn a belt that day so he could put that on on.)

Dinner was good, it was fun to catch up with them. Afterwards we played some Mario Party and Wii Fit.

Jake LOVES this crazy Flying Chicken game on the Wii Fit. I suck so bad at it....

After they left, Jake and I split the tiny watermelon that came in our Bountiful Basket this week.

Even though we didn't make it to church, it was quite an enjoyable Sunday. :-)

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