Friday, January 13, 2012

No Judging!!

Tim is sick. Has been since last Saturday. He has a runny nose and a HORRIFIC cough. Your heart just aches for the little guy as you listen to all the phlegm rattle around while he tries to breathe. 

Anyways, this makes for a rather grumpy guy. He doesn't really want to eat, he doesn't really want to play, usually he wants to cuddle (but sometimes not)... So there is a lot of fussing and yelling.

Until we discovered this on Netflix:

Tim's only about 11 months old. So, in general, I'm not the biggest advocate of TV for him... But he will sit quietly through a whole episode (7 minutes). No screaming, no agony, no sad faces or moaning. So I am allowing it.

Also, it isn't half bad. I mean, it's narrated by Stephen Fry so it has at least some degree of awesomeness. It's pretty cute and much less annoying than some kids shows. Like Caillou. Bleah.

At least until Tim gets feeling better, we may be spending a lot more time with Pocoyo.

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