Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Diaper Surprise!

****WARNING: This post contains somewhat graphic images that may not be suitable for those with a sensitive stomach!****

Part of Tim's bedtime routine is taking a bath. So most evenings (when I'm gone to rehearsals on Thursdays or occasionally if we're all out and about or he is just too tired, we skip sometimes), around 7:15 PM we get him into the tub. 

Which he loves. Obviously.

Last night, while we were undressing him... We got a special surprise!

A PENNY! We have no idea when he ate it... But we're glad it's out. 

How did that feel, Tim?

That's about what I expected.

On a related note, Tim is SUPER obvious about when he is pooping. He will suddenly hold very still, kind of tense up, and grunt.

So, we ordered him this:

We are going to try to just start putting him on it when he starts acting all poop-like, and see if we can just sort of condition him into. He's only about 11 months old, and I realize that this is MUCH younger than when people usually start potty training. But, I figure if we know when he is pooping, why not just stick him there and get him used to it before he is really old enough to protest it?

Also, I don't mind changing wet diapers... It's the poopy ones that get ya.

VERY unrelated, we made these delicious pomegranate oatmeal chocolate cookies that I found on pinterest.

Even Tim likes them. Look at him smiling with his little mouth full of cookie!

I love this dude.

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