Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spooky Story

Since it is October, I thought we could start out the Halloween month with a real life spooky ghost story!! Well... maybe it's not a "ghost" story. But it sure was spooky!

Earlier this week, I was working the graveyard shift at work. This means that my shift lasted from 7 PM - 7 AM. At 6 AM, two more CNAs come in to start the work of the day shift.

In order to understand the following events, I have made for your pleasure a CRUDE map of the Berkshire, where I work. Numbered rooms are patient rooms. The orange ones were the occupied rooms at the time of this story. The two red Xs will be explained in just a moment.
SO.... Around 6:15, I was walking back from Room 9 to the CNA station with one of the 6 o clock girls. When we got to where the X is between rooms 10 and 11, we heard a man's voice say "Hey."

Which may not be too weird until you consider that 1) ALL of the staff in the building at this time were female, 2) all the patients are still asleep, 3) The patients in rooms 8, 9, 11, AND 13 are all female, and 4) the man in room 12 has a much higher pitched voice. Once you realize these four things, it gets a little creepier.

The other CNA and I stop dead in our tracks, look at each other and have the "Did you hear that?" conversation. We can't figure out where the voice came from and although we're a little weirded out, we continue on with our duties.

Around 6:30 or so, the same CNA and I were in the back section of the building. When we were at the second X (near room 16 - feel free to scroll up and consult my map), we heard the same voice again.

There were male patients nearby this time - in roms 14, 15, and 16. However, we checked on all of them. And they were all dead asleep. None of them have ever talked in their sleep before. And because the voice sounded the same as the first time, we didn't figure sleep talking was a likely answer anyways.

Now we were SIGNIFICANTLY creeped out....

Then, around 6:50 the physical therapy staff started arriving for the day. One of them stopped at the CNA station and asked us if we had heard about "Bob" (name changed). Bob was a patient who had been in our facility. He was admitted into room 16. As he got sicker, we moved him into room 10 so that he would be closer to us and we could keep a better eye on him. A little bit later, he was still getting sicker and had to be ambulanced to the hospital.

Turns out, Bob had died the night before. And where did we hear this man's voice? Right outside rooms 10 and 16. The two rooms Bob had stayed in.


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