Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Carving 2010

Monday evening for FHE, we carved pumpkins with my dad (who is currently out in Utah for a visit). We had to drive to several grocery stores in Provo because EVERY FHE GROUP EVER decided to also carve pumpkins and the stores were sold out! But eventually we found these beauties. Well... Jake and I found beauties. My dad picked a "warty" pumpkin (in the middle).

Carving away!!

Jake and I were trying something a little fancier, so my dad finished first. Here's his pumpkin face:

While he waited for us to finish, he baked pumpkin seeds!!

Jake carved a Bowser (from the Super Mario Bros games). I helped a bit though, because I drew out the pattern for him to follow.

I carved Princess Peach (continuing the theme of the Mario characters). And man was she difficult!!! Both of our pumpkins look kind of silly when they aren't lit up...

But check out how awesome they are when we put in the candles!!


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