Thursday, October 15, 2009

Life gets busy...

Oh man life gets busy. So... this seems to be the thing to do (I've seen it on at least three blogs lately). I'm just going to post a magical little list of updates!

  • I finished the last day of my phlebotomy externship yesterday. They let me do a syringe draw the last day. Which was exciting and not nearly as scary as I thought it'd be. So I should get my certification in the mail in a week or so!
  • Midterms are going well so far. I got A's on both my Human Development and Microbiology ones. And an A on my last Human Development paper!
  • We had a good General Conference Weekend. Jake's parent's came out here for Emma's baby blessing. Fun was had by all!
  • We (or maybe just I) are(/am?) getting excited for Halloween. We have AWESOME costumes!
  • We've had BEAUTIFUL weather here. Chilly in the mornings, but nice crisp cool fall days.
So... lots of things and yet nothing at all have been going on here. But things are going well. We're sure ready for Thanksgiving break though!

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