Saturday, October 24, 2009

Awesome Saturday!

Today was an Awesome Saturday!! Here is how it went. With some photo documentation. :-)

Jake and I got up and headed down the street pretty early this morning - around 8:45. Which is early for a Saturday!! We started out our morning with a free blue pancake breakfast!

We got blue pancakes!

And blue milk to go with it!
Here is Jake enjoying his pancakes! (They were yummy. I especially enjoyed the chocolate chips.)
We were glad we got there early, even if it meant waiting around an hour until the parade started. Because this was the line when we started eating.
I had gotten cold and pulled my arms into my hoodie. Jake decided to take advantage of this situation and tie me into a straight jacket... Which didn't help me keep warm at all.

Here are some of our favorite floats:
The Class of 1959 was in town for their fiftieth reunion. So their class officers were in a float! And their Homecoming Queen! She's the one sitting on the back! We thought it was cute!! :-)
Of course, the Folk Dancers were also some of my favorites! This was my first year not performing in the parade with them. I waxed nostalgic!
The Mayor of Provo and his family rode in the parade on a golf cart and some Segways! The Mayor and his son even did tricks and twists and such on their Segways. This was their body guard... He didn't do any tricks though...
The Museum of Paleontology had DINOSAURS on their float!!!
The new pizza restaurant, "Pirate Island" had a float!! Which was pretty epic! They even had a Jack Sparrow look alike who spoke with the accent and everything. We're going to go there for my birthday in a couple weeks and I am all kinds of excited!!

After the parade, we did some cleaning around the apartment. Dishes and such. Then Carsey came over. We were attempting to dye my hair reddish for Halloween. (Note the use of the word "attempting".) Turns out the dye was heat activated though... which explains why it didn't change colors at all... So we'll try it again.

Then, Jake and I went and did a session at the temple. Which was enjoyable. It was pretty empty - probably since we were there during the football game. The only thing that puzzled me was that there was a Box Elder bug in the Celestial Room... How did it get there?!?!?

After we were done at the temple, we went to Coney's for ice cream. They had a special $0.50 cone special going on. So we got two awesome ice cream comes for a dollar!


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