Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Today during down time at the health center, I was reading yesterday's Daily Universe. As I worked my way front to back, skipping the sports articles, I came across the Public Opinion page. Regarding these opinions, I have two opinions of my own.

Opinion 1: These people are radical extremist crazy people who get worked up over little things that really don't matter in the big scheme of things.

So... that wording was slightly overexaggerated. But I'm gonna go with it to just highlight the differences between my opinions.

For example - there was a girl who wrote in about the HUGE problem of people walking across the grass on campus. Yes, perhaps it does kill grass which does waste some time and money. But... is it a big deal? Is that the most important thing you can think of to address in your community?

Opinion 2: Good for you for caring enough about something to try to do something about it.

Most people in the nation don't care enough about their community or nation to do anything, even something as simple as voting. I've never felt as though I were passionate enough about something that I was motivated to write to a public opinion page. But, I admire their commitment to a cause.

Which of these opinions dominates my view? Who knows? Depends on the day.

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