Tuesday, August 21, 2012


It has recently been brought to my attention that I'm behind in the blogging... here are some highlights from the summer.

In Nebraska for Aunt Laura's high school graduation.

Jake and I snuck away for a night to celebrate our 3rd anniversary! Someone caught up with us and decorated the car.

Tim and his cousin Ben in Minnesota playing with their gadgets... Or rather, their moms' gadgets.

Herrington Family "Camping" trip on Gunflint Lake by the Canadian border.

Tim playing in the rocks with his cousins Gabe and Lance.

Lance is EXACTLY six months older than Tim. But they're the same size!

Visiting with Great Grandpa Wilberg on the way back to Utah!

I flew back out to Nebraska at the end of June to be the nurse at Girls' Camp with my mom! It was a crazy week! Three girls went to the hospital!

Going to camp meant that I got to be there for my good friend Zac's wedding!

Iowa Sunset coming back from the wedding in Sioux City.

Fourth of July in Pleasant Grove with Mike and Karen's family.

Running in the rain with our neighbor Ia.

Emma's 3rd Birthday Party

Farewell for the Schroeders - he was put in as our Bishop right after Jake and I moved into Wymount. What an amazing couple!

I made this for Josh and Leah's wedding present. Josh told us that when he found out that Leah had played every Legend of Zelda game that had been released, he knew she was the girl he wanted to marry. Jake and I came up with this to commemorate that for them.

Hiking in Rock Canyon.

Grampy came out to visit in August for Jake's Graduation Ceremonies.

Tim took his Grandpa on a hike.

Heading home with hammer and rock specimen!

At Jake's graduation ceremonies.

Jake's parents and grandparents were able to come!

MAYBE I'll do better at staying caught up.... :-)

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