Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's been a while....

This new blogger is going to take some used to. That says a lot about how long it has been since I posted, amiright? haha.

A quick catch up:

Needs to take one more class (he's enrolled for it this fall)
He'll walk in the graduation ceremony in August and then officially be done in December.
He is the manager at the chemistry stockroom during the spring and summer terms.

And excitingness:
He is on a cancer research team!
He went to talk to one of the professors about joining her research team when we found out that we wouldn't be moving in April like we originally thought. She has taught some of his lab courses. Even though she told him she has a waiting list of students who want to be on her team, she wanted to take him right away over all of them! She had seen his lab skills and knew that he did good work and wanted him on her team! Hooray! They are working on a treatment for small cell lung cancer (the kind that non-smokers get). They have had good success in fruit flies and are starting trials with mammalian cells.

The professor didn't have enough funding to be able to pay Jake for his work right now (possibly this fall, when she's expecting some more grants). But this is the kind of work that Jake wants to go into once we enter the *real* world. It is worth it to do this for free in order to get the experience.

I graduated with my Associate's Degree at the beginning of May.
Graduated with honors even! Not bad for having a kid in the middle of nursing school!
I took the NCLEX at the end of May and passed it with the minimum number of questions.
 (For those of you not familiar with the NCLEX, that means I rocked it!)
Now I am officially "Mary Herrington, RN".
I'm still applying for some hospital jobs (I'd REALLY like a position in pediatrics). 
In the meantime, I've hired on with Vaccines on the Go and Mollen Immunization Clinics. Both are flexible, self-scheduling companies that offer flu shots/vaccinations. They're seasonal positions that will just be during the flu season.

Runs. Eats. 
A partial list of words he says:
Boo (Boob, he's still nursing)
Buh (Boo! for when he's playing peek-a-boo)
gock (sock/shoe)
Bah (Ball)
He can play patty cake and kick balls. 
And he loves canned salmon. Who would've guessed?

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