Sunday, November 29, 2009


Jake and I are the ward greeters for our ward. In this ward... that also includes many other duties, one of which is putting together the program for Sacrament Meeting every week. Each week on the cover of the program, we put a picture of a different temple. So that we can keep track of what temples we've already done, we have been going through the temples chronologically. We started with Nauvoo (which was dedicated in 1846) and so far we've made it to Ogden. The Ogden temple was dedicated in 1972, but it was only the 16th temple (if you include Nauvoo the first time and still count Kirtland, otherwise it is 14th). I knew that there has been a "temple explosion" during the last few decades. But I had no idea how few temples there were before! What a great blessing that there have been so many more built. Including my personal favorite- Winter Quarters - which was dedicated in 2001.

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