Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our First Halloween!

Last post about Halloween! I promise!!

We went to the costume contest at my work and won second place! We lost to a man riding an inflatable ostrich. Which was only fair. :-)

Me and my ribbon!
Jake and his ribbon, reading the book we won!

We did most of our Halloween celebrations on Friday the 30th. We went to a lecture about scary movies and then an old vampire movie at the International Cinema. Then we stood in line outside for a while to go through the Haunted Laboratory set up in the Clyde Building. It was indeed bigger than last year! The only problem was that we were in the first group to go through... so it very much felt like a dress rehearsal.

Saturday, I worked from 7 AM -7 PM. So we didn't go out to do anything. We stayed in and watched a scary movie.

All in all, our first Halloween was a smashing success!

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