Sunday, December 2, 2012


December is going to be a bit of a crazy month for our family. 

Jake is finishing his last semester. So he is busy writing papers summarizing his research, finishing class assignments, helping students for the class he TA's, preparing for finals, working 20+ hours a week at his THREE campus jobs, etc. Lots to do!

I am much less busy than Jake overall. During the days I'm home watching Tim (which does keep me hopping!). Evenings are when I start my running around! I have been volunteering once a week at the Volunteer Care Clinic - a clinic that provides free healthcare for low income and uninsured families in Provo. It is also the busy season for my handbell choir. I have 4-5 performances a week from now until we move.

Oh yes, and we're moving! (So any free time we have is spent trying to pack up our apartment. You accumulate A LOT of stuff once you have kids)

We have to be out of our apartment on December 19th. That's only two and a half weeks, YIKES!

Where are we going?

Good question. We'd like to know, too!

Jake is currently applying/interviewing for jobs. In fact, he has his first telephone interview tomorrow morning  for a position with DowAgro in Oregon. Oregon wasn't our first choice, but a job is a job! So any free prayers you have, send them his way!

In the meantime, we are going to Nebraska for Christmas. The plan is to just hang out there until we have somewhere else to go. Hopefully we won't be in limbo for TOO long. 

December is hectic to begin with, but ours will be even crazier! So as much as I have enjoyed being a bit of a more regular blogger..... the blogging might be pretty sporadic until we get somewhat settled somewhere. 

There WILL be Christmas pictures of Tim though!

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  1. We moved to CA after Mike was done with school--NOT my first choice, or even my last. I went kicking and screaming, and crying like a baby the whole way, but we went! Good luck with the job interviews!