Friday, August 6, 2010

Fun Outings

Last Thursday, I had to drive up to Taylorsville (near Salt Lake) to get fingerprinted as part of my background check for the Nursing Program. Jake was kind enough to accompany me!

It was NOT an enjoyable drive... Sasha, our Ford Taurus does NOT have air conditioning. So... it was a hot yucky miserable drive.

Afterwards however... we had some coupons for....


Conveniently located on our return route! Our coupons were to get a slice of cheesecake (any flavor) for $1.50. They usually cost about $7 - $8 a slice. So the fact that we got TWO slices for $3?!?! A steal!

The restaurant itself was PACKED. So we walked next door to the mall to eat our cheesecake and enjoy some people watching.

I chose just plain original cheesecake with strawberries on top! YUM!

Jake always likes to try new and exciting things when we eat places. He chose a White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake. He let me try a bite. It was good, but I preferred mine. :-)

The city of Provo hosts outdoor movies on Monday nights in August at Rock Canyon Park. They set up a big inflatable screen at the bottom of the hill and project the movie onto it. Then everybody brings blankets and such and sits on the hillside in a stadium seating sort of arrangement.

This week they were showing New in Town, which neither Jake or I had seen. It was pretty good! I kind of want to go EVERY week. But, I need to remember to bring pillows!

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